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Our goal is your Wellbeing. Our mission is to help you to keep doing the things you love, injury free, pain free and mindfully.


To provide you with a space you can retreat to and away from the pressures and stresses of everyday life and responsibilities and reconnect with yourself, your body and your breath.


We are passionate about our Yoga community and we welcome you to our Lifeforce Family. ​

Our Team

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Founder & Teacher

Wellbeing, Yin, LSD, Core, Restorative & Beach Yoga; Qi Gong, Pilates, Mindfulness Meditation, 

Ju​les has over 18 years experience in the fitness and wellness industry and is a fully qualified Yoga teacher, Pilates instructor, Qi Gong Instructor, ChiBall instructor, Meditation/Mindfulness coach, personal trainer and facilitator of Local and International Wellbeing Retreats. 

Jules has a passion for a holistic and balanced approach to health, fitness and overall wellbeing and believes that in order to achieve contentment and wellbeing we need balance in all aspects of our lives. Whilst moving to become stronger and fitter is important this needs to be balanced with time out to stretch so as to prevent injury and rest, relax and nurture the body, mind and soul through meditation and mindfulness practices. 

She believes that what you are hard on wears out ... not just the physical demands we place on our body but add to this the psychological stress we are under as we try to multi-task, remain contactable 24/7 and feel the constant pressure to achieve and be there for everyone ... this results in a physical response that causes the body to release stress hormones.... ultimately leading to DISease in the body and mind. 

Exercise and mindfulness programs like Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong and Meditation are all great tools for unwinding, quietening the mind and releasing tension that help to switch off the stress response enabling us to live a more balanced and healthier life. We must first take care of ourselves so that we are better able to take care of others. 

Jules’s Lifeforce Wellbeing Program is all about helping you to find this balance and learn the skills to help navigate your way through life’s challenges so that your life is more fulfilling and enjoyable and you can continue to do the things you love to do, injury free, pain free and as stress free as possible.

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Teacher - Power, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga

​Ganga (pronounced GUNGA - the Hindu pronunciation of the mighty Ganges River) is Pete's spiritual name gifted to him by his Dharma Teacher.  Ganga has a deep passion for yoga and a strong drive to share the beauty and benefits of this ancient sacred art. “It is such a joy and blessing to assist practitioners to experience a deeper connection with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies through the practice of yoga”. With a focus on safe practice and alignment and modifying the pose to suit the student, Ganga's classes combine strength and ease, with smooth transitions, intuitive flows and appropriate challenges to suit the energy of each class. The classes focus on mindfulness, pranayama, movement and stillness to encourage self acceptance, inner peace and a deeper understanding of self. Pete is a committed yogi, meditator, mindfulness practitioner, teacher and friend. He has maintained a regular practice for over ten years and acquired his formal qualification though Radiant Light Yoga. He has studied with Adam Bernstein, Simon Borg-Olivier, Les Levanthal any many other great teachers. He has also completed a course in therapeutic massage and trained as a level 2 Reiki practitioner.

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Teacher - Vinyasa Yoga Flow, Sunrise Yoga & Slow Flow Yoga

Sara brings a compassionate and nurturing quality to her teaching with dynamic and uplifting flow sequences which are both energising and restorative.  Sara draws from a diverse background in health, education and healing therapies, with explorations in various yoga and meditation traditions, and having completed training at Radiant Light Yoga on the Sunshine Coast.  

Sara weaves together a harmonious embodied style of traditional Hatha yoga, linked with flowing Vinyasa to encourage mindfulness in motion, integration of breath awareness, and awakening of the life force energy.  Sara guides the development of mindful self-compassion, an attitude of kindness with curiosity, and a sense of playful self-discovery in her teaching.  

“Yoga has to be the richest and most potent wellness practice I have discovered for restoring vitality, optimising wellbeing and unleashing the wellspring of inner Joy.  Yoga has this incredible ability to meet us all exactly where we are, and just as we are.  To be ushered deeply into present moment awareness and invite surrender into the experience of absolute peace, serenity and radiance.   Sharing the gift of yoga, which I refer to as ‘advanced life support for mind, body and soul,’brings forth my heartfelt gratitude and deep joy for this immense gift that keeps on giving.” 




The lovely Clare has been a student of Lifeforce Wellbeing for over 11 years and in that time her love for yoga grew, developing into a curiosity and passion to learn more about the philosophy and sacredness of the ancient practice.  She has recently graduated from Yoga Teacher Training with Radiant Light Yoga on the Sunshine Coast.  Her focus is on teaching from the heart with compassion, to assist students in a safe and caring practice where the body can feel a sense of freedom and ease, and the mind becomes clear and focused.  We are so excited to welcome her to the teaching team.  Her naturally kind, gentle and caring nature will bring a beautiful energy to her classes and will leave you feeling peaceful, grounded and nurtured. 

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Teacher - Power Yoga

​"I discovered yoga at university as a means to increase strength, flexibility and fitness. I didn't think too much about its deeper value, I just loved the way it made me feel! Later, when I was practicing as a Nutritionist, I found the biggest hurdle I faced was overcoming clients' negative mindset and their ongoing self-sabotage. I knew they needed confidence and self-love in order to create lasting change and I knew I wasn't reaching them by prescribing simply what to eat. I learned that no one will treat their body the way I told them if they secretly believed they don't deserve it. For me, yoga teaches the value of our inner wisdom and helps me inspire balance, confidence, self-respect and body-awareness in others. The first change must come from within. Everything else will follow naturally."


Class Location: Sunshine Coast Square Dance Centre, 260 Dixon Road, Buderim QLD 4556

Monday Beach Yoga: Alexandra Headlands Beach (Access 168) 

Saturday Beach Yoga: Mudjimba Beach (Access 124-125)


Ph: 0438 552 505

Email: Lfwbyoga@gmail.com

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