Our Classes

Our Classes

“After my first class with Julie I was inspired, uplifted and knew that I had found exactly what I was looking for. Julie’s passion for wellbeing oozes from every pour. Her kindness, warmth, vast knowledge and lovely personality opens my heart and gives me confidence as she masterfully guides me. Each day she dedicates her life to improving the lives of anyone who asks. I highly recommend to one and all to come and take part in this life changing experience!” - Elaine

***Due to Covid-19 Yoga, Pilates and Qi Gong classes have moved online - via a private Facebook Group  (casual weekly direct debit membership) - please email Jules at lfwbyoga@gmail.com to sign up.   


BEACH YOGA will resume with limited numbers (10) from Saturday 16th May - Bookings Essential.  From June 13 - Beach Yoga for 20!!


Some indoor Studio classes will resume (again with limited numbers and bookings essential) from 15th June.   Stay in touch by following our Facebook and Instagram pages.  (Every effort - including Infection Control Training - social distancing and extra cleaning will be taken to reduce the risk to all of our students and teachers.  If you are unwell - please stay at home and take care.) 


 Slow Flow classes are a combination of Vinyasa Flow and Hatha yoga that help you find the space between poses while still retaining the gentle rhythm of a flow class.  


Our original class where it all began16 years ago!  Here we seek to find the balance between strength, stability, flexibility, mobility and relaxation.  This is a blended style class including Pilates, Yoga, functional exercises, primal movements and moving meditation (Qi Gong).  A 10 minute guided meditation with therapeutic grade A Essential Oils  to finish ensures you leave feeling serenely peaceful and calm.  Suitable for all levels.


The beginners class introduces the fundamental principles of alignment and breath.  You will be guided through simple postures step by step using thorough verbal description and demonstration.  Suitable for everyBODY ..... those who are total beginners to yoga to those looking for a slower, simpler and mindful class with an emphasis on safety in a supportive non competitive environment.


A 60 minute version of this beautiful practice called Yin Yoga.  This is a floor based slow paced style of yoga where poses are held a little longer encouraging deep release of connective tissue (fascia) and an unravelling of inner tension.  Suitable for all levels.  


A great way to wake up and start the day and the best way to transition from sleep to alertness.  A warming and energising flow that is great for your mindset and physical fitness.


A total body exercise with emphasis on technique and control to strengthen and stabilise core muscles, postural alignment and muscle balance.  Can be very effective for rehabilitating from an injury but also helps keep you injury free, pain free and mobile.  With the use of the ChiBall, core muscles can be challenged even further.   We conclude with feldenkrais exercises and other primal type movements to release and relax muscles.  


  Qi - (Chi) = Lifeforce Energy. This ancient exercise therapy incorporates acupressure, slow stretches, gentle flowing movement and static postures.  Our classes are a modern and integrative approach to this dynamic form and self-healing exercise therapy.  A powerful and profound moving meditation practice with a range of physical, mental and emotional health benefits, Qi Gong activates our body's energy system and the innate self healing capacity of the body.  



The perfect class if you have been siting at a desk all day or feeling that late afternoon slump in energy.  Initially a flow style class to fire up those muscles and bring some new blood flow into stagnant areas.  And then just like the sun sets we bring the energy and heart rate down, slow the breath and iron out the kinks by delving into deep long juicy stretches to prepare for a peaceful nights rest.  


A yoga practice in and of itself, Restorative yoga is for people of all ages, levels of yoga experience and in all states of health.  Blankets, bolsters and blocks are used to create positions of ease and comfort that facilitate relaxation and health.  This class offers a deep rest and the space to find stillness and breathe again. We add mindfulness guided meditations and therapeutic grade A essential oils to further nurture your nervous system so that healing can . begin.  


  Our own very special style of yoga on the beach.  Mindful movements, deep stretches, grounding and strengthening postures, Zen Beach Yoga is a gentle yet powerful yoga flow accessible for everyone including beginners.  No downward dogs or any other form of "sand sharing" this is a beautiful way to spend an hour on the beach.


See the full schedule below and stay informed with daily updates on classes, retreats and workshops on our Lifeforce Wellbeing Facebook Page.

What to bring:
Yoga Mat (Some loan mats are available as well as mats for sale)
Yoga Strap/Block if you have these (some loan straps available)
A light blanket for meditation in the cooler months
A positive attitude & a friendly smile
(Yoga is important but it's not that serious ... we try not to take ourselves too seriously, keep it light and have some fun even when it's not easy)

Classes are designed for every body, age groups and both sexes. A comprehensive and confidential health history is recorded for each client and classes are small and personal, enabling us to care for your needs and physical limitations.

***Due to Covid-19 Yoga, Pilates and Qi Gong classes have moved online - via a private Facebook Group  (casual weekly direct debit membership) - please email Jules at lfwbyoga@gmail.com to sign up.   

Online Classes


9am - Wellbeing Yoga with Jules


9am - Pilates with Jules

5pm - Yin Yoga with Jules


7am - Morning Power Flow with Sasha

9am - Wellbeing Yoga with Jules


7am - Qi Gong with Jules
5pm - Ganga (Gentle) Flow with Ganga (Pete)  


9am - Wellbeing Yoga with Jules



7am - Beach Yoga 

Click the PDF icon to download timetable


Casual rate - $25 per class

$30 per week for unlimited weekly classes (includes beach and studio classes)  -


*** (6 month minumum period for Direct Debit) 

10 class pass - $190 (6 month expiry) 

20 class pass - $340 (6 month expiry) 

From $ 100 for 1 hour session

(Private Group Sessions for retreats, functions and special occasions also available)

Class Testimonials

 “I am a big fan of classes at Lifeforce Wellbeing.  As a local physiotherapist working in a hospital it is important to me to remain 'work fit'.  Lifeforce Wellbeing has successfully helped me to achieve this for the past 10 years. In particular, I want to recommend the pilates classes run by Julie and her team. The mat based classes incorporate strength and coordination exercises in a variety of positions (standing, sitting, 4 pt kneeling, and lying) with a focus on core stability as well as including important spinal flexibility exercises.  I love the incorporation of exercises for our posterior chain which when strong enhances our posture.  It is this postural focus, spinal mobility focus alongside the training of a strong core to make me 'work fit' that keeps me coming back for more. Thank you Julie for being so inspiring, positive and for sharing your passion for wellbeing through your classes." 

- Jo, Physiotherapist

 "Julie's Wellbeing Classes have had a profoundly positive impact on my life. They have especially help alleviate stress physically and mentally, and I have found the classes to be a wonderful compliment to my strength training sessions. Julie is always professional, caring and very attentive to everyone's individual needs and limitations. I would recommend these classes to everyone!"  

- Sandra


Class Location: Sunshine Coast Square Dance Centre, 260 Dixon Road, Buderim QLD 4556

Monday Beach Yoga: Alexandra Headlands Beach (Access 168) 

Saturday Beach Yoga: Mudjimba Beach (Access 124-125)


Ph: 0438 552 505

Email: Lfwbyoga@gmail.com

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